The Switch – Fuji-X


Finally I made the step, ditched Canon and geared up with Fuji X System, not fully but getting there. Also declared the old page for obsolete. Here I go, a new journey starts.

I was thinking hard what to get as I got tired to carry heavy gear and I read so many enthusiastic reports, reviews, blogs about Fuji that I started to have closer look at their cameras. I had already eyed the XE-2 when the first rumors about a new cam started to pop up. I decided to wait, investment is investment so you want always the newest, the best and the sexiest available right ?

You guessed it right I went for the XT1 and I don’t regret but before it arrived I couldn’t hold myself and also got a second hand X100 and guess what I don’t regret.

As many wrote already these cameras educate you, they challenge you, they ask you every time you grab them “what do you want to do ?” and “How do you want to do it ?”. With the Canon I had started to get lazy in P mode but now I enjoy again thinking what and how. I used to have Nikon film cam and I love those Fuji lenses with aperture rings, the dials on the XT1.

The page is still work in progress so sorry with some little errors here and there.

I hope you guys will also enjoy the journey.