Fuji XT1 – The first outing



I was already quite excited before my new toy had arrived and it finally did. For the last 7 years I live in Singapore and still there are many things to discover especially to record with a new toy.

So I grabbed the XT1, the x100, the 18-55mm, 27mm and XC 55-230mm lenses and off I went to Chinatown. I usually like to shoot in B&W but the trouble in Asia is everything is so colorful and since Fuji is praised for it’s colors we’ll have to shoot in color I guess. I had decided to leave the car with my wife and took the bus which was a bit of a pain as I left late and the city and his inhabitants were also already awake to conquer the streets and buses.

I decided to have a walk around Ann Siang hill  which is known for older houses. Most of the houses in this area are built between 1903 and 1941. At the end I took quite a stroll around Chinatown. I’m still not really in control of the camera (XT1) and I had a very embarrassing lesson. I was wondering why the mark in front of the ISO dial wasn’t in line with the A imprint of the ISO dial and thought that’s not the precision I know from Japanese manufacturers. After my shooting session I noticed at home that all photos were taken with ISO 320 even so I prefer aperture priority and rest on automatic, only if a situation requires I would adjust. Well, I mistook the mark for the drive dial underneath the ISO dial the ISO mark which actually is on the “fake” hump. Then I also knew why the heck I couldn’t get a single sharp picture inside the temple. One thing I read a lot on the blogs was – you will grow with the camera – that’s for sure in my case. I also shot some of the same scenes with the X100 especially when I had the 27mm on the XT1. Also for X100 I have to say I haven’t found the right settings yet. Overall I liked the results of the XT1 much more especially for it’s color reproductions which also had that punch compared to the X100. But the X100 is such a nice tool to use though I like to post-process them a bit (especially to lower the highlights).

All photos are JPGs out of the camera, some here and there adjusted in highlights, shadows or clarity.


Despite the fixed ISO of 320 I think the camera performed still well, as mentioned I had a few situations with focusing issues especially in the temple. I shoot usually always handheld (will indicated when I use a tripod 😉 ).


The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, it was build in 2007. It is a large temple which features Tang-Dynasty style architecture. This is the temple the XT1 missed the focus of all shots inside.




The Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore. It was closed at that time so no chance to take some pics inside.




Cool guy who surprised me when I was crossing the the road.


The XC-50-230 is quite a good lens especially from a cost-quality ratio. It’s sharp and still fast. I took a series of pre-focus sets and it did pretty well. I shot passing cars on a opposite lane and it got never confused when cars passed on myside and my target was covered by other cars, it just kept going. Great feature. Hope to use it at a next soccer match of my boys.




Another cool guy. The light conditions were a bit tricky especially when you shoot all the time with ISO 320 (let’s say it was a ISO 320 project). Bright with deep shadows. The 27mm is another great bang for your bucks and it makes the XT1 pocketable (less in Singapore as you usually have a T-Shirt on). Have to set out for some street photography shots with that combo (so far I couldn’t just leave the X100 for that purpose).