XT1 & X100 short visit to Bali


This has been now my third time to Bali, though it’s nice I’m not a huge fan of the Island of Gods. Actually this was a business trip and I hoped to have two good opportunities for nature and street shots. Unfortunately the hotel, though nice, was quite off. So when I went out with two cams there was nothing at all…… Here are some shots just for fun at another nice hotel featuring the rock bar famous with a nice sunset view (sorry couldn’t wait for the actual sun set). I still need to get some batteries for the XT1 I ran out of juice quite quick. The 2 cameras where still easier to carry then my old Canon dslr. XT1 around the neck, X100 in the hand. I have shot some scenes with both just for comparison. For that purpose I uploaded the ooc jpgs. I catalogue in Lightroom but figured that Capture One handles X100 files the best at least to my gusto. I have my standard adjustments which is shadows and highlights and to add a bit clarity. Capture applies standard values in sharpening and noise reduction. I think the sharpening is fine, I only reduce the noise reduction values by approximately half. I think the X100 doesn’t need to hide behind his big brother the XT1. You will nonetheless notice the XT1 has more details and is sharper. Well from the new generation and that price tag you would hope so right ? But still the X100 is even today (considering the shorter lifecycle of tech products nowadays) a great performer. I need to get ND filter for it to test some long exposures.














One word for the X100 – wow ! You can’t deny it’s a little gem, don’t forget second hand for a great price, i don’t know but just you fall in love with that little cutie. My wife has a Canon S95 and to my eye there are worlds between those. A colleague had a S100 in Macau (see previous post) and the noise reduction is just too aggressive plus no punch in colours. Am getting happier and happier with this combo, just need to improve my skils 😉


Below are the un-processed examples, jpgs out of the camera. Note they are also not resized thus expect a tad longer loading time, also it may not fit your entire screen.













I know, the aperture is not always the same and as usual no tripod. I was rather trying different settings on both cameras than comparing one to one. But is is still interesting to see I think. We shall also not forget that the algorithm for in camera jpg production may have “evolved” over the generations of the Fuji-X cameras.


I would be interested to hear your opinion.