More Fun with 10-24mm – Closed Station Singapore Part 1


It’s a pity I currently don’t have much time to play with this great lens. I figured there are railway stations in Singapore – 3. One just a short walk from my home so last Sunday I decided to have a walk. As usual I can’t get up and ready so by the time it was already 9am and the sun almost at peak and hot. Don’t forget this is Singapore, just slightly above the equator. To my enthusiasm to walk I first took the wrong way – by the time I reached my goal I was already soaked in sweat.

Anyway, so Singapore had/has three railway stations allowing to commute to Malaysia. They were closed in 2011. One is in Bukit Timah, where I live. One in Tanjong Pagar to be visited soon and the third one in Woodlands, the border to Malaysia. Will not visit the last one.

Upfront I had planned to have the photos in B+W as a end result. I use LR 5.4 and then use Silver Efex to convert to black & white. I use depending on the scene or the mood different approaches. Either I choose a preset and adjust slightly the sliders to my gusto or I purely work with the sliders – contrast, structure and the different colour. But I also like the film presets in Silver Efex and there again I don’t have a fixed one, there are not plenty but sufficient to choose from. Usually I have to lower the amount of grain as I think ¬†for some film simulations it is a tad too strong.

The closed station turned out to be not that exciting. Let me know if I managed to turn it still a bit to an interesting object.

The Station.



A window ? And me ?



Waiting area – looks bigger than it is.



Finally something interesting.



Looks like the extinguisher would still work.



I think this is still the most exciting part.



Confirmed – best motive.



Time is nibbling already.



What is left from the rails.



The old iron bridge, underneath is the 4 lane Bukit Timah/Dunearn Road.



Seems to be a nice meeting spot.