Wandering Laos with X-T1


With Laos we managed to visit the last remaining country to see in Indochina. All the countries in this corner are just exciting from any perspective be it culture, history, architecture or landscape. Should you consider a trip to Asia and you are unsure which countries to cover put Myanmar on top of your list. It’s an amazing country (though materialism starts gaining momentum) again from any perspective and with the friendliest and “happiest” people you can meet. – so far our favoorite destination we have visited. Unfortunately then I had no Fuji so no Myanmar on this blog.

We have visited mainly two places Vientiane and Luang Prabang. This blog starts turning into a 10-24mm blog. It was again my most used lens in Laos. I need to get my creativity to the next level – let’s see.

I had only the X-T1 with me and approx 90% of the photos were shot with the 10-24mm but also the 60mm and XC 50-230mm had a chance to perform.

We started our journey in Vientiane, the capital, considered the smallest capital in Southeast Asia with around 600k people.



Arc de Triomphe in the centre of Vientiane.



Glimpse at the giant reclining golden Buddha at the gold covered Buddhist stupa Phat That Luang.



We couldn’t miss the Buddhas sculpture park Xieng Khuan (Spirit City) located at the Mekong River bed and built by Bunleua Sulilat.


Created out of the vision to unite Hinduism and Buddhism. Forgot what this one was representing….






Monk at the Wat Si Saket temple.



Dog and lion at the stairs to the main building at Wat Si Saket.






This was carved out of a trunk.



This was a long stretch of street market.



Life at he Mekong River.



We did a Mekong River cruise and stopped at a village. I forgot if this was for medical or enjoyment purposes but as you can see there were snakes, bugs, paws and more – didn’t dare to try. (should I have Photoshopped that phosphor green toy on the floor ?)



We have already arrived in Luang Prabang: View from mount Pho Si after having climbed 400 stairs. Favorite spot for sunset photo shooting. I skipped the actual sunset, was too crowded. One strength of Fuji-X is the details stored in shadows, the foreground here was too dark.



Iron bridge in Luang Prabang, closed for cars. I found it somehow quite interesting charming.



On our ride to Kuang Si waterfall we passed a village where a soccer match was about to start so we had to stop and watch. One team was from the city, the other team was from that village. Most of the kids from the village had no shoes at all or any protection and the ones from the city were fully equipped.



On the same ride we stopped at the butterfly park. I had big troubles focusing with 60mm no matter auto or manual (in addition it was windy).



Though still not pin sharp it worked out ok with quite some good details. Caterpillar in pre-pupation pose.


Finally we have reached the place of the Kuang Si waterfall.


On the path to the waterfall you pass many terraces.



The Kuang Si waterfall.


On the way back to the car I saw this fella on the way. The biggest trouble I have with Fuji is focusing, I like to re-compose after pre-focusing but it will always also move the focus. The head here is out of focus.