Light Show – Low Light with X-T1 & 10-24


I’m eagerly anticipating the new 4.0 firmware for the X-T1 especially for my 60mm lens which can take the fun out of shooting when it starts hunting. Overall the Fuji lenses are good in low light and the X-T1 itself too. I have set max ISO to 3200 and the camera will always max it out but the noise is still very acceptable as in the shots below. Though I usually shoot in aperture priority I may have benefitted from shutter priority for many of the below shots as I’m lazy to cary a tripod. All of them are pretty much not pin sharp. For the last one I had leaned against a wall and rested the elbows on a wall and I thought I got it but far away.

The photos are taken at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore with a light show where the “trees” and some buildings are lighted up and change colours.



And here is a little poll.

I thought this is a scene with the far away lights, the crowd and the couple on the left with smartphones as strobes and selfie gear where b+w should work nice.

What do you think – colour or b+w?